Repair Apple MagSafe cable

Another victim

A frayed cable is not a rare case for Apple’s MagSafe power supplier, and I am proud to be part of this statistical failure. After a quick search I found out that the cable that connects the MagSafe and MacBook is prone to fraying in both ends, near magsafe and near magnetic socket. There are many users complaining for the quality of this product even in Apple’s store.

Apple has acknowledged that some of the power adapters that came with MacBooks and MacBook Pros have a flaw making them fray at the base of the plug.

My frayed cable

For me plugging power to MacBook and finding out that it didn’t charge it, was an uncomfortable situation that had to be solved. At first I went to buy a new MagSafe but 80 euros seemed too much for a frayed cable. So I decided to give it a try and fix it.

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Tinkering with Tags

PHPLibs has an HTML module which contains the HTMLTag and HTMLDoc class. Those two classes have many commons with DOM’s element and document specification, but they are actually complete different and dont try to use it for DOM parsing and manipulation.

PHPLib’s html module was designed to generate html source and not parse one. It is the opposite of php’s native DOM usage, where most of the times is used to parse xhtml/html source. This is because creating elements using the DOM specification could be very painfull and you will probably loose hours of writing while you could just dump static html code or generate dynamic code using a home-made string concatenation function like “my_html_tag”.

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The past two weeks we started a rapid development on HONLY, a place for greek players of Heroes of Newerth game. The initial goal was to design a site from the scratch, create a user database and integrate SimpleMachines forums in it. Well we did it, in record time!

Screenshot from the website

Screenshot from the website

Dewfall did a great job designing a gamish style that reminds a lot of HoN but still has its own personality. The style is based on dark colors which suits more for this game.

This was the first time I was focusing only on translating raster image to CSS properties, without worrying about style itself. I must admit that it was a lot easier and I had all the time that I needed to tweak more CSS files, and not bother trying to figure which colors fits better using my untalented mind.

Apart from design there is a big part of development. HONLY will not be just a forum but it will be a set of applications that will help players, like the ladder, mods repository, signature etc. At first I though to implement everything with PHPLibs but then it seemed an overkill to create a forum from the scratch. So I grabbed the latest SimpleMachines forum (2.0 RC2) and started working on integrating it.

There were many issues to solve, like url routing, authentication realm, search, theme etc. Although not all of them were implemented, it is now clear to me how to set up them. The first thing I did was to solve url routing and with phplibs Stupid system it was like one line of code. Next I had to figure out how would be the UI consistent in forum and in the rest of the site, and this was the hard part for me. I search around on internet and nothing helped me, so I made a copy of the default “Curve” SMF Theme and starting playing with it.

SMF has a very simple template system, no mysterious markup language or files with unknown format, it was straight forward PHP, which for me was easy to read and change. I started from changing the CSS files and after changing over 150 rules the site started looking in proper colors. Then I focused on rewriting the header from the scratch, I reimplemented a much richer but more minimal login form, powered by jquery for some simple effects. The final website was exactly what Dewfall had designed and this made us happy with this work.

Bite is the domain name inventor and will be the main moderator of the forum too. He has already started creating groups, boards , and testing any side of the forum. Friends of us have registered their self on the site and the user base started growing.

We hope greek HoN players to love it and use it.

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Hello world!

Although this is the default title of the first example post, it describes in the best laconic way the start of a blog about computer art. I prefer the term art because you don’t just built things mechanically, you create new things and inspiration is a prerequisite just like art. There is also the consuming part which is a verification on this art but we will not discuss it here, there are a lot of blogs out there if you are interested on.

In this very tiny blog, posts will come about this art. Posts that will cover new technologies, every day problems, mistakes, tutorials and any other subject that must be touched. I will also try to define through your comments (I hope there will be some) the existence of KmFa, which is a project with no goals, no target, just a place to calm down the creative part of me.