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Simply perfect popcorn

You want perfect popcorn with all kernels popped and none of them burned? You hate biting hard kernels or popped ones that stuck in your teeth? I found the best method for your problems, Enjoy!

And for those not working in a circus!

If you are just a geek who wants a big bowl of perfect popcorns and a beer to enjoy the movie then there is an easier way for you. Some of you will think “Yes microwave popcorn!”; Well if you want popcorn with engine oil or if you are unaware of the toxics in butter and on the surface of the bags search google and come back again later.

For the rest you I have found the best recipe on Internet that just worked(tm) for me. It is very very simple and all that it demands is timing.

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Radeon R600/R700 with KMS+3D on Karmic 9.10

Open-source attack!

Are you bored off that crappy closed-source fglrx (AMD’s official linux driver)? Or you just can’t stand having Unidentified Flying Object in your RAM? If you own an R6xx/R7xx gpu based card then good news for you, there is finally 3d support for you! Not finished yet but at very good stage.

Let’s try to explain something before we start, there is one “new” technology that this new driver is based on, the KMS.

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Repair Apple MagSafe cable

Another victim

A frayed cable is not a rare case for Apple’s MagSafe power supplier, and I am proud to be part of this statistical failure. After a quick search I found out that the cable that connects the MagSafe and MacBook is prone to fraying in both ends, near magsafe and near magnetic socket. There are many users complaining for the quality of this product even in Apple’s store.

Apple has acknowledged that some of the power adapters that came with MacBooks and MacBook Pros have a flaw making them fray at the base of the plug.

My frayed cable

For me plugging power to MacBook and finding out that it didn’t charge it, was an uncomfortable situation that had to be solved. At first I went to buy a new MagSafe but 80 euros seemed too much for a frayed cable. So I decided to give it a try and fix it.

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